15 Things Little Girls Do

There is nothing like a little girl. They are unicorns, bubble gum, rainbows and ribbons. They are also whiney, pouty, b**chy and crazy.

When it was time for us to start a family, I always wanted girls. We adopted the first kid so we got to pick, but the second one was a crapshoot. When the technician told us we were having a girl, I was so excited. Two girls!

I thought I was prepared (because I’m a girl) but as my dad always used to say: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

So, if you’re pregnant with a girl, know someone who is, or you have girls of your own—you might enjoy this list of 15 things I have noticed that little girls do:

1. Cartwheels

Everywhere, cartwheels. We were picking up a carry-out dinner once and one of my girls did a cartwheel right there in the lobby of the restaurant. If the space is available, it’s happening.

2. They take FOREVER to get out of the car

I don’t know what they’re doing back there, but “LET’S GO!”

3. They hoard the craziest stuff


That bent and broken necklace is a definite keepsake.

4. They will leave one room a total $**t storm and then go do the same thing to another room

Barbie dolls, Barbie clothes and Barbie shoes all over the place. And most of the dolls are naked! It’s insane. It looks like Dexter lives here.

5. They wait to go to the bathroom until they’re about ready to pee in their pants


6. They notice everything, and then they comment and point

“Mommy! (Pointing) That man over there looks PREGNANT!” OK, #1. We don’t point (pushing her arm down) and 2. How about turning it down a bit and saying that ONLY TO ME…?”

7. They blame the parent

I have one who cries every night over her homework. Crying, stomping, tantrums, like her homework is my fault. I asked her once if she exhibited the same behavior at school for her teacher—THE ONE WHO ACTUALLY ASSIGNED THE HOMEWORK–but no, just me.

8. They love a certain food and then, all of the sudden, they don’t like it anymore

“I made you a salami sandwich. …What do you mean you don’t like salami? You liked it last week! …Well, when are you going to like it again because it’s only fresh for 4 days.”

9. They leave Macaroni and Cheese on their plate

This one is baffling to me. Who doesn’t love Mac ‘n Cheese? If I was going to the electric chair, I would put Mac ‘n Cheese on my “Last Meal” list and I would eat it until I turned orange. My kids can eat as much Mac ‘n Cheese as they want and then burn it off WAKING UP, but they always leave some. I think to myself that they are crazy, and they will regret it one day, and then I eat it.

10. They interrupt all the time

It doesn’t matter who you are or who you’re talking to, if they have something to say, it’s getting said.

11. They don’t understand the value of a dollar

Whenever they lose or break something they think: “We can just get a new one.” Oh yeah, we can just get a new one. No big deal. Just grab some money off that tree in the backyard. FREELOADERS!!!!

12. They are intimidated by authority figures

Me–they’re not scared of at all, but the thought of getting yelled at by a 5th Grade Safety is absolutely terrifying to them.

13. They change their clothes 20 times a day

They think they are Madonna and Cher, and I can’t stop them. They will just show up in my face every hour or so with a different outfit on—and it doesn’t matter if they wore it for 5 minutes, they think it’s now dirty. Well, it’s not and why is everything in their laundry basket inside out, and do they have to always leave their underwear in their pants?!?

14. They mess words up

Darth Vader is really “Dark” Vader, and Obi Wan Kenobie is really Obie “One” Kenobi

Supposed to is “Oppostoo” (“You’re not oppostoo sit there!”)

On Purpose is By Purpose (“She hit me in the face, Mommy! And it was BY PURPOSE!!!”)

Fundraiser is FUNraiser (and it should be)

15. They get obsessed with TV characters

My girls love the TV Show Liv and Maddie. In fact, they recently requested everyone call them “Liv” and “Maddie”–and even though the younger one is spelling it wrong, she seems to be taking it pretty seriously:


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