Sum Girls Boutique

Sum Girls Boutique is a one-of-a-kind sustainable style + accessories boutique for Teens + Women of all Ages. Inspired by the blog Dim Sum and Doughnuts, written by Robyn Coden since 2011 for her daughters to have when they get older, Sum Girls Boutique is their way of bringing the blog to life. It's a warm, whimsical and inclusive place filled with trendy, timeless and unique brand name pieces. It is also a place of empowerment, sisterhood, good values, smiles and memories. Sum Girls Boutique is located in the heart of Downtown Berkley, MI.

Berkley Business Owner Of The Year 2021

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Sum Girls In-House Entrepreneur Internship


Berkley Schools partnership to help support the young adults in the community with disabilities, aged 16-26


Mentorships and Q&A Sessions with Future and Jr. Fempreneurs