Mailbag Monday! Floaters VS. Stumblers

Guess what?? Remember last week when only 2 people contacted me about “Mailbag Monday?” (It was the first week). Well, this time more than 2 people sent in topics! (Yay!) …Lots of emails and private messages. I like it. Totally anonymous. Plus, the topic is a surprise because you haven’t seen it, and here it is:

“Your next blog could be on two different types of ppl..the “floaters” who skip along in life and everything comes easy too..and the “stumblers”..the ppl who work very hard, stumbling along and nothing comes easy for them. While the stumblers have a harder time, they learn more lessons and develop depth!!!”

I hate the “floaters.” OK, I don’t really HATE them (that was pretty aggressive) but I am jealous of them. Any success that I have ever had, no matter what it is— work, relationships, anything—has been work. Hard work. But all the things that really matter are work.

Unfortunately, knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. It’s hard to watch others get what they want when you (or someone you love) has to work really hard for it. When someone who genuinely deserves success gets it, I am happy for them, but when success just falls into someone’s lap? That ain’t right. Like singers who make it big off a cover tune? I don’t like that. It wasn’t theirs, all they had to do was sing it. Big whoop. Or when someone gets huge success and doesn’t appreciate it? That’s DOUBLE not right.

But the ones who sincerely work hard for what they want? Those people are usually cool. I’m not a huge fan of the ones who work hard for it, get it, and then think they’re super cool—Mr. Big Shot. Mr. Big Time. GAG. Those people bug me. Don’t you so badly want to say to those people: “Yes, you’re sitting on two tons of money and yes, you’re successful, but you blew it. You COULD have been great but because you THINK  you’re so great, you’re not.”




But the ones who worked hard, got it and are still cool about it? They’re the best. You know why? Because they appreciate it. They didn’t forget the work they put in and they didn’t forget who they are. They don’t take things for granted. They are thankful, grateful, classy and generous. They know that having talent doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard. Most of us aren’t going to get something for nothing; we have to prove our talent and pay our dues.

Nothing that matters comes easy. If it did, it wouldn’t matter as much.

Ups and downs, ups and downs. Achieving success is a ride but there are memories to make, things to learn and people to meet along the way—might as well enjoy it. Plus, like you said “they learn more lessons and develop depth” and that is important because no matter what kind of success you have, you’re not much without that.

At least that’s what I think. I could be totally wrong though.



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