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When Kay Bratt, the child advocate and highly acclaimed author, asked me if I wanted to do a “Blog Roll,” of course I agreed. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I was honored that she thought of me. Plus, I could never say “No” to her; she is the talented author of Silent Tears (among other amazing books…)

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I remember reading Silent Tears years ago and I was so inspired that I put some random FB post up about it and then I went into Frankie’s room and woke her up and hugged her tight. I thought Kay Bratt was the most amazing person. How crazy is it that she is actually in my life FOR REAL now? Meanwhile, she’s probably all WTH did I get myself into with this one? I’m like the devil to her angel. She’s the person I wish I was—I’m too far gone though, and she knows it, but she is always there when I need someone to “check” me. You can check out Kay Bratt’s site and all of her books at http://kaybratt.com/. She is just all kinds of good.

(Also, a Blog Roll made me think of a Ho-Ho, and Ho-Ho’s are good so that’s honestly the other reason why I agreed to it.)



These are the questions that were given to me about my writing process. Here we go…


I am currently writing a blog called Dim Sum and Doughnuts. (http://www.dimsumanddoughnuts.com) I started writing it 3 years ago and it wasn’t until I took a break that I realized how much I missed it. I missed sharing experiences and opinions with others, but I also hated that I wasn’t preserving memories for my kids. Right before I started writing again, someone very important in my life gave me a book to read (it was a silent push) and I was like: “Wait a minute. I can totally do this. What do I have to do to be able to do this?” —and she said that I needed to build an audience, so here I am using the Dim Sum and Doughnuts blog as my platform to build an audience. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to “build an audience,“ but I’m trying so that way, maybe I can do something really special with it one day. In the meantime, my kids are so sick of hearing the words Dim Sum and Doughnuts, you should hear how they say it, like it’s SO annoying. They should be thanking me. I’m doing this for THEM!! Unreal.


When I was at the book store around Mother’s Day, I saw a bunch of books on a Mother’s Day table. That’s the kind of table I would like to be on. They were all happy books. The covers were cute and the content was fun. I think Dim Sum and Doughnuts is like that. We differ because we are a Jewish family with one child who is adopted from China and one who is from “The Bagina.” (I know that word is stupid, but it’s such a good rhyme.) During the summer, we live at a sleepaway camp for kids in Northern Michigan, and during the off-season, we live in the suburbs of Detroit. If you stop to think about it, there really is no family in the world like us with a lifestyle like ours. Our life is unconventional, our family is unconventional, the way I raise my kids is unconventional (and often times questionable), but it works.


I write for the people of the adoption community or people who are looking to adopt. I know there are MANY who don’t like me being a stand-out voice for adoption, but at the same time, there are many more who support me. I have never asked anyone to follow my lead when it comes to parenting a child who has been adopted, everyone has to do what’s right for them, I just thought it would be cool to share.

I write for the girls of the millennial generation because I wish there had been someone like me when I was in my 20’s and 30’s (I wish someone had given me a “heads up” when I was younger, maybe I wouldn’t have screwed up so much—probably not though.)

I write for the camp enthusiasts so they have a place where they can re-connect with the magic of camp. (It doesn’t matter if they went to our camp, camp is camp.)

I write for the “Been There Done That” generation because I think they take comfort in the fact that no matter how much things have changed over the years, the fundamentals are still pretty much still the same. Plus, nothing offends them anymore. I love that. They are un-offend able. (That is a made up word.)

And I write for moms, all moms, so they know that they are not alone in this crazy ass thing called motherhood and–Bonus!–here I am, and I mess up A LOT but my kids are (at least for now) fine.


My brain never turns off. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. And there are notes everywhere. Notes on paper, notes in the Notes section of my phone, and now I’m doing voice recordings that I listen to later. I also just started carrying little note pads everywhere and every time I come up with something I want to remember, my friend Nags yells “GRAB THE PAD!”

When I actually do get the chance to sit down and write, my first draft is all over the place and then I edit. I edit a lot. Basically, it takes me several days to come up with a very short piece, and then when I finally hit the “Publish“ button, I read it again and I want to change everything.


I try to write as much as I can when my kids aren’t around, but I work and write from home (and they live there too) so it’s challenging. It’s all good when they’re in the other room laughing and having fun, but I have found that laughing almost ALWAYS leads to crying—so I usually get interrupted. Life gets in the way. I do what I can before someone yells “She punched me, Mommy!!” but eventually I have to get up and make sure they didn’t break any of my stuff.


I have some good children’s authors for you guys!!

Erika Roman Saint-Pierre is the author of the very teachable and thought provoking children’s book Hoppa’s Big Move. I only couldn’t wait until Frankie was old enough for me to be able to read and discuss this book with her. It is a treasure. It is good for any kid, I don’t care if it’s a boy, girl, black, white, whatever. It’s just awesome. There’s a lot going on but it’s all totally timeless and necessary. Check out Erika’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/HoppasBigMove

Hoppa's Big Move

Karin Jill Katz is the talented author two very special children’s stories. Karin’s book There’s a Fly in My Soup is a rhyming story that teaches manners, tolerance and respect.

Karin Katz local author to read, "There's a Fly in My Soup"

Karin also wrote One to Ten and Over Again which couldn’t be a more perfect title because every time I read it to Jaye, she asked me to read it again. Karin also just launched a blog called “Buddha Barbie,” which, again, is very fitting. It’s all love and zen and  spiritual, but not in an annoying way. Check it out: http://www.buddhabarbie.com/

OK, then. First Blog Roll done! J Yay for me!! …Wish I had a Ho-Ho.

Thanks for reading! Ho-Hos forever!!

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