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Find Your Tribe

Anything you do is more fun with the right people. A party? Yes. A concert? For sure. Dinner? Bon Appetit! Sometimes, though, we don’t get a choice. There are places we have to be, and we don’t get to make the guest list.

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Professionals Who Party

When I was in high school, I had an English teacher who wore sport coats and ties. It was the 80’s and a lot of the male faculty dressed that way. They dressed more formal than the students. This teacher though, he only dressed like that on top. On the bottom he wore jeans.

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Being A Camp Director’s Wife

(From The Archives: May 5, 2014) My husband, Cody, is one of the directors of an overnight camp for kids in Northern Michigan. Every year, Cody moves up to camp at the end of April to start setting up. My girls (4 and 7 years old) and I visit when we can, but we can’t move…

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