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10 Things I Have Learned From Walking My Dog

I was taken by surprise last week when the Vet told me my dog, Bruno, was 10 pounds overweight. I knew he was a little plump, but not 10 pounds. I was not happy. I felt like he was basically calling my dog a fat ass, and when he wouldn’t let up, I wanted to point out that HE was also overweight!

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When Karma Shows Up At An Eminem Concert

My 7 year old daughter, F, got stung by a bee. The story goes that the bee was buzzing around her but she stayed really still and he left. But then he came back. She says he came back and hid inside her pants until she was inside our cabin playing with her sister—and then he stung her on the…

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Belly Hurts

My youngest daughter, Lovey, is currently due for her 2-year-old check up. The doctor’s office is in Petoskey, a cute little town in northern Michigan about 45 minutes away from camp, so I decided to make a day of it.

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