“That’s Not Your REAL Kid”

I have noticed that most of the adoption pieces floating around the internet are geared towards people who are adopting or considering adoption. That makes sense, yes, but they’re not raising a whole lot of awareness for anyone else. If we don’t write articles geared towards everyone, how will we ever change the adoption stigma? (There is a stigma; admit it, don’t admit it, there is.)

The pieces I write, they’re for everyone. This one, in particular, is a fun piece, but it’s still educational. It’s doing very well on the Adoptimist Facebook page, and I’ve been getting a lot of positive response—(otherwise I wouldn’t even bother you with it).

Check it out. It’s short, but to the point. If you think it’s a good piece to share, please share it. It’s easier to spread awareness about cool stuff when other people help. The opening story happened in 2008, soon after we adopted F from China.

Here’s the link:

That’s Not Your Real Kid

 Mother and daughter // 2008

Real Kid

real kid 2

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