10 Things No One Gives A Crap About On Facebook


10 Things No One Gives A Crap About On Facebook

1. You‘re scrolling through your Facebook News Feed and you come to my status. It says: I’m at the movies! Would you care? No, you would not. No one does. How about this one: I’m at the movies with Eminem! You might care a little bit, but now I’m just bragging (and lying).

2. If your Nana dies, does it need to be your FB status? Your real friends will already know about Nana and the people who don‘t know, don’t care. Get the “F” off Facebook and go do what you should be doing: Crying over your sweet, dead Nana.

3. The Show-offs.  Their life is SO great, they just have to show you all the GREAT things they’re doing, all the time. A new GREAT announcement accompanied by a perfectly posed picture every day!

4. I’m not going to rip the people who use bad grammar in their posts because everyone makes mistakes (especially if they’re in a hurry) but if you truly don’t know the difference between their, they’re and there, you got troubles.

5. Have you ever seen a status like this: Work-out with my trainer and then breakfast with my besties, work out again and then lunch and then maybe I’ll throw it all up and then pick up the kids… I don’t like those. I am not interested in your schedule for the day and neither are any of your other Facebook friends. Get a calendar.

6. Do you enjoy cryptic Facebook status‘s like this one: I‘m so over this day! Well, I don’t. Why do you have to post that for your status? Do you want us to ask you what happened that made your day so crazy or so horrible? Here’s an idea: You get like 60,000 characters for your status, WHY NOT JUST TELL US?

7. Sometimes I see Facebook posts that say something like: Thank you to all of my really great friends for all of  your support while I had a stuffy nose. I couldn’t have made it without you. You guys are the best and I love you so much. Why is that your status? Why not get in touch with them personally because it sounds like what you mean is: To all of the people who weren’t there for me in my time of need, you suck.

8. Let’s not forget the people who Check In to different places: Thank you for letting us know.  Maybe next time you can follow up with how far you are from home, when you’ll be back, and if you have anything worth stealing.

9. And the ones who load ALL of their vacation pictures? I mean 2-4 photos is acceptable, but no one is interested in flipping through 83 pictures from your trip to Milwaukee. Stop it.

10. And finally, the people who use their Facebook status to constantly ask people to LIKE their blog page are so annoying. No one cares about your stupid Dim Sum and Doughnuts blog. Stop pushing it. …But just in case, here’s the info:

Facebook : DimSumandDoughnuts

Twitter: RobynCoden

Instagram: dimsumanddoughnuts

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