You’re Not Alone (IV)

I’m not saying these are all about me. I’m just saying if you feel the same way, you’re not alone.

You’re not alone if…

1. You didn’t like the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Or maybe you didn’t read it. Or maybe you tried to read it but couldn’t figure out why everyone said it was so great. Or maybe you kind of liked it but found there were just too many people–people with crazy ass names– and saw the movie instead.

2. You don’t feel sexy after a day of work and/or carpools and cleaning up after your kids. Just give your spouse the heads up that you are exhausted so he’s not disappointed when he gets to bed and you’re drooling, but not over him.

3. You have an excuse all ready for the cop as you run that yellow (borderline red) light. You might not get pulled over, but it never hurts to be prepared.

4. You buy a bag of  jellybeans and pull out the red, purple and pink ones for yourself. Everyone knows that the other colors suck, so no one will suspect you.

5. Your purse and shoes don’t match. That’s a dated fashion rule and it’s stupid.

6. You can’t afford to buy all (or any) organic food. It’s expensive, I know. If you want to do something, pick a few things that you really believe in. I like to buy organic milk and chicken. I think my girls won’t have Double D boobs when they’re 8 years old if I only give them organic milk and chicken. Do what you can do, but don’t beat yourself up. Especially over the bananas. Everyone knows organic bananas are a scam.

7. You go to get a pedicure and you forgot and/or didn’t have time to shave your legs. Just tell them that you have an upcoming leg wax appointment and you need to grow it out for that.

8. You hit your horn when some idiot pulls out in front of you and then proceeds to go 15 mph under the speed limit. That is BOGUE and it’s OK to convey that message through your horn. If you are able, you should try and see what the other driver looks like. It’s good to know if you can take them or not, just in case they get mad.

9. You are a day or so late on changing your kids’ sheets or giving them a bath. Nothing bad will happen.

10. You have no interest in meeting your favorite celebrity. Chances are good the reality won’t the same as your reality, and then you’re not only crushed for life–but you’re also stuck with a ton of memorabilia from someone who was an ass to you. Live the dream. It’s bound to be better.

11. You sometimes you don’t shower after working out. You still have to throw on something on though: body spray, lip gloss, deo… I mean, come on–we’re not total Neanderthals.

12. Once in a while you find yourself out of poop bags when your dog poops on someone’s lawn. You promise yourself that when you get home, you’ll get a bag and come back to clean it up. When the neighbor comes outside and busts you, you tell him that you had every intention of coming back to get the poop. If, however, that’s not enough for him and he starts YELLING and going nuts, threatening to call the police yelling that and your dog “probably do this all the time!”–it’s OK for you to tell him to up his medication before you turn and walk away. (But even though he’s a jerk, you still go back with a bag.)


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