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Choose Your Own Adventure

Have you ever heard of the Choose Your Own Adventure books? I don’t know if they’re still popular but they were when I was a kid. I liked those books; I thought they were cool. I liked being in charge of the choices that eventually determined my outcome. Plus, it really didn’t matter if I…

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Thank You Note

Dear You, On March 23, 2016 we came out with the post Lose Yourself. It was an announcement post of sorts: We decided as a family we were going to take a shot at branding Dim Sum and Doughnuts.

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Being A Camp Director’s Wife

(From The Archives: May 5, 2014) My husband, Cody, is one of the directors of an overnight camp for kids in Northern Michigan. Every year, Cody moves up to camp at the end of April to start setting up. My girls (4 and 7 years old) and I visit when we can, but we can’t move…

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