You’re Not Alone (IX)

I’m not saying these are all about me. I’m just saying if you feel the same, or you have done it too, you’re not alone.

You’re not alone if…

1. You wish the cashier would just add on the extra dollar for charity instead of putting you on the spot and making you feel bad.

2. You could fall asleep right this minute.

3. You tell your kids to run in a zig zag if they are being chased by someone who has a gun because if someone is shooting at you, zig zag running is just good sense.

4. You sometimes forget to shower for a day. Sometimes two days. Three days is gross though. Take a shower, Pigpen.

5. Your daughter loves bows and taffeta and all things fancy.

6. Your son is busting through his clothes, his shoes and everything in your house.

7. Your daughter is into mud and worms and all things dirty.

8. Your son digs show tunes.

9. You see your UPS delivery person more than you see your friends.

10. You asked your kids what they were eating and they chose, instead, to open wide and show you.

11. The car wash gives you anxiety. Getting your car on the track. No likey.

12. The smell of patchouli oil makes you gag.

13. You get depressed when you’re done binge watching a great show like OZ because you miss everyone so much, and then you wonder what that says about you because all the characters you love are convicted felons.

14. You don’t know what side of the car your gas tank is on.

15. You make Siri refer to you as Princess or Lord.

16. You will never get over Prince’s death because he was a legend and he was brilliant and he helped shape major parts of your life. Your kids, however, are over it.

17. You believe references to any of The Godfather movies should be prefaced with “SPOILER ALERT!” because even though they are over 40 years old, not everyone has gotten around to seeing them yet.

18. You can’t parallel park and the people who can are show offs.

19. You don’t like Starbucks coffee.

20. You accidentally hit REPLY ALL on an email and things didn’t go well from there.

21. You get totally grossed out by little, curly hairs on soap.

22.  You hear about a fatal disease and you are convinced you have it because all the symptoms line up, but there’s no time to in a doctor appointment in so you eat a doughnut instead.

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