Wake Up Call

Do you ever feel like the Universe is trying to tell you something? Normally I don’t—but last week it did and I feel like I would be doing everyone a disservice if I didn’t put this out. What happened was seriously so sucky that if I can prevent it from happening to just a few people, I’ve done my job.

Here’s what happened:

First you need to know (sorry, but you do) that I started writing Dim Sum and Doughnuts 5 years ago. It’s for my girls. It’s memories and stories and lessons from their life and from mine. It has taken me countless hours on the computer— writing and editing, writing and editing—so they can have this beast one day. Also, if something ever happens to me and Cody gets remarried (he has to wait at least 2 years, spread the word) my girls will have a written guide-type-thing, so even though I’m gone, my Mommyness will haunt them forever.

On top of that, I recently made an announcement that I’m going to be more diligent about getting blog content out. Once a week! So, in keeping with my word, I went to post a new piece last week and lo and behold: Dim Sum and Doughnuts was gone.


The website was not there—only some dumb ERROR message that didn’t explain anything. I tried not to freak out, but that didn’t last. I started continually rubbing my hands and interlocking my fingers while incessantly repeating: “This isn’t happening. This can NOT be happening.”

I finally went to my husband because that’s where I always go. It’s where everyone goes. He’s totally cool and calm in these situations; I am not.

True to form, he kept a cool head saying things like “It’s not gone, you’re just locked out.” We tried all kinds of things but all we got was the same ERROR message, and being that is was 8:45 at night there wasn’t a lot we could do in terms of getting help. We spent hours trying to figure things out. I’m in marketing and he’s a freakin’ camp director but yeah, we’re going to figure it all out!

It was the first night I can remember where I was home and I didn’t tuck my girls in. I couldn’t move from the computer. I thought I lost everything. I really did. The site was gone and with it a lot of hard work, and a legacy for my kids.

Eventually, I had to walk away. There would be no sleep that night, just a lot of tossing and turning over me being stupid and not backing up my work.

And the thing is, (here’s the “stupid” part) I know I needed to back up. I have a USB device that I never use. I have a reminder that comes up on my phone EVERY Monday night that flat out says: Back up Dim Sum and Doughnuts and I’m always too busy. And also, the episode where Carrie lost everything on her computer was just on Sex In The City (I still watch it) and it went right over my head!

How many more hints did I need? Hello?!?!


The next morning, I was so beat up and worn out. I felt that some of my friends needed to know my pain so I text blasted them that Dim Sum and Doughnuts was gone. Of course, they felt horrible but one of them wrote back “What do you mean, gone? I’m looking at it right now!”

Turns out the server was down and everything was fine again.

Who knew?? The ERROR message should have just said THAT in the first place! THANKS, TECHNOLOGY!!

Now I’m backing up everything: Pictures, music, documents, you name it. I’m a crazy person. If you were to walk into my house right now, I’d find a way to back you up.

And how about this? My girlfriend who told me my site wasn’t gone lost everything on her computer the following day. It’s spreading!

The universe has a lot of pull. It’s that whole higher power thing that we will never understand—we just know not to mess with it. But I have learned, if you feel the universe is trying to tell you something, even if it’s something like “Back your sh*t up!!” …it’s best not to ignore it.


Wake Up Call


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